Twig is Dedicated

Twig is dedicated to the betterment of our planet, its people and its communities.

Planet Mission:

Help conserve our natural resources. Seek ways to reduce and restore the damage done to our environment.  Work to protect nature's diversity and our remaining wild places.

People Mission:

Work locally to support the organizations that ensure that people who are in need are cared for.  Act globally to support the rights of others to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

Community Mission:

Ensure that our business is successful and sustainable and that we work with other businesses and organizations in the community so that we all have an opportunity to thrive.

Product Mission:

We choose to trade with companies that adhere to high standards of ethical business practices.  We seek companies that are transparent and we make every effort to establish that the companies that produce our goods do so in a responsible manner. We look for them to have a written policy demonstrating a care and consideration for their impact on the environment. We also make sure that they adhere to fair labor practices and provide a safe and healthy work environment by looking for certifications such as Fair Trade Federation, Fair Labor Association, and Green America Approved Business.