U.S. News & World Report Talks to Twig Owner Shawn Slome

"If you need or want to work in retirement, it's a good idea to find a place with a strong and diverse economy, such as Nashua, N.H., or Overland Park, Kan. In 2007, Shawn Slome, 57, got out of the outlet clothing business and opened up an eco-friendly products store, Twig, in Chapel Hill, NC. The year before, he designed and built a solar home. "It feels like my business has more purpose than money alone or profit," Slome says about his 1,800 square-foot store that's located in a shopping center with Whole Foods. "My staff really enjoys their work and feels like they are making a contribution, and I am enjoying my work because my staff is so upbeat about working - it has really improved my day." Excerpt from the article in US and World Report: Click here for the full article.