Our Staff's Favorite Twig Products

Lauren Loves
Yala Bamboo Fashions

"I love Yala; the fabric is so comfortable and I get compliments every time I wear it."

Kyla's Favorite
Are The Hand Knit Dolls

"I just thought these knit dolls were really cute, then I found out that they're a fair trade product made in Peru. Now I like them even more!"

Harry's Choice
Is A Beautiful Adagio Fountain

"The elegance of the natural stone with water cascading across the surface simply takes me to a special place."


Shawn Recommends Our Signature Insulated Travel Mug

"Our bottles keep hot things hot and cold things cold for an unbelievably long time. I use mine every day."


Cheryn Likes
Our Animal Hats from Andes Gifts

"These adorable hats are warm and fuzzy. Plus they're all handmade from natural fibers!"


Sarah's Indulgence Is Roland's Homemade Chocolates

"Who doesn't love chocolate? These are fresh and delicious... even better, they're made by our bookkeeper!"